Kabinettstückchen is well-equipped and offers everything you need to work comfortably – you only need to bring your notebook along. Each desk has a screen, keyboard and mouse. You can connect to the internet wirelessly or with wire at a download speed of 200 MBit and 100 MBit Upload. When taking a break from work, you can store your notebook and other valuables in the lockers in the entrance area.

Printer / Scanner

You can print and photocopy documents at high speed in b/w or in color with the Xerox Workcenter. The photocopying machine also lets you scan to email. Paper documents can thus easily be converted into digital files for immediate distribution.

Meeting Room

You can get together for smaller team meetings (up to 10 people) in a relaxing atmosphere in the meeting room.


Coffee is for free at Kabinettstückchen. You just have to make it yourself. However, this is easy, as the kitchen has a one touch coffee machine. It is also has a refrigerator and a microwave with a grill function. There are plenty of dishes. The dishes are done by the dishwasher.


The green courtyard is the ideal location to take a break: There is plenty of space for picnics in the afternoon and barbecues in the evenings or just for having a cigarette.

Conference Room

For conferences the space of the music club Nikola Tesla on the ground floor (up to 100 people) and the room of the club Lokomov (up to 80 people) can be rented.